Key Ideas to Shareable Content

At the Social Media Examiner, a guide to the social media jungle, an article gives five very good times for creating shareable content.  To sum it up I will give you the five tips from each category, they are: be personal and friendly, make posts meaty, stay off the “tangent train”,  look outside your topic once in awhile,  end with a no fail social media question.  While all of these are common sense, they are harder to do then they seem.

What I notice the most in the real social media world is social media posts tend to always ask a “yes” question. If someone is to post he should ask a question such as do you have a Facebook page or do you have any advice on this subject. Asking questions to get answers automatically is encouraging feedback.

Encouraging feedback is a way to get more people interested in a person’s shareable content and to get it passed along. After you have a following then interacting with the followers is very important in order to keep them.

The last thing important in this article was to use social media as a central hub. I found this interesting because I wish sometimes my social media was all together, which hasn’t happened yet. We can link our social medias together and maybe that is what the article is insisting when it says “a central hub”.

This article has many good tips of advice, but the thing which keeps reappearing about social media is do we want a central hub and how do we achieve this.

What are your thoughts on a central hub and do you think it can be achieved?



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